Building Structure

Building structural integrity is one of the most important components of worker health & safety. Failure to construct buildings to code or other acceptable standards can lead to various serious issues. Improper additions or changes in buildings without proper assessment and approval are common in some areas of the world and can present a very dangerous situation. Even properly constructed buildings that are not properly maintained and cared for can, over time, become dangerous places to occupy. 

As demonstrated by recent building collapses in countries around the world, catastrophic loss of structure integrity can result in serious injury and loss of life. Structural safety issues present a real and severe risk to workers, management, buyers, and communities. Issues are not always easy to identify and signs of stress are often ignored.

Sumerra partners with Brands, Associations and factories to review Building Structures.  This is done through assessments, training and one-on-one education.   Sumerra’s staff holds internationally respected and recognized certifications such as Fire Engineer & Structural Engineer.

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