Structural Assessment

Structural assessments are performed to ensure structures meet all applicable building codes related to structural integrity. Conditions assessments look for signs of potential structural issues or problems with building maintenance that could lead to failures. Methods for condition assessment of existing buildings include: 

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – Guideline for Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings
  • ISO 13822 – Bases for design of structures — Assessment of existing structures
  • ASTM E2018-08 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process
  • Groups such as the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (Accord) and the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance) have developed standards for their members that are used as a basis for assessment.

Sumerra’s safety experts regularly assist clients with structural condition assessments around the World.  Sumerra has conducted assessment using many of the methods listed above.  Additionally, Sumerra assists in development of inspection and maintenance plans for building structures. Prompt and proactive management of buildings is essential to the continued useful life and safety of buildings.

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