SaFE Assessment

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Focus has turned a spotlight on Bangladesh due to the recent tragedies. Sumerra understands that manufacturing brands want to ensure that the suppliers working within their supply chains provide a safe workplace for their employees. Sumerra’s team of Compliance Professionals are ready to help your team improve the working conditions at your Suppliers in Bangladesh and other countries. To assist Buyers, Sumerra has created a 3-part, Supplier assessment called SaFE.

This 1-day review provides Buyers with the required information needed to make effective and informed decisions. Conducted by a team of safety professionals and structural & electrical engineers, this review is meant to provide an overall look at building risk to determine the need for further measures such as education and training, or more in-depth assessments/investigations (e.g. structural load calculations, soil testing, thermography, etc).


As these issues effect many similar contract manufacturers, Sumerra encourages collaboration with these assessments, sharing both the responsibility and the cost. Sumerra can conduct a single assessment and can facilitate sharing of both information and costs with multiple buyers or stakeholders. Each Buyer can use that information to make decisions based on their individual values, beliefs, expectations, and/or standards.

When requested, Sumerra may continue to facilitate future collaborative activities such as training, complete structural integrity analysis, complete electrical analysis (potentially using thermography technology), or other similar work.

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