Working together to ensure safe conditions, workers rights and environmental stewardship

Sumerra’s Commitment:

  • Improve the life of the everyday worker
  • Reduce Risks to the environment, local communities and people
  • Enhance the industry on a global scale

Sumerra was created to meet the needs of Brands, Factories, Licensees, and other Associations who are striving to improve working conditions and reduce risks throughout the world. Our foundation is the belief that every worker in a factory should be treated fairly while working in safe conditions. In addition, the surrounding environment and communities should be kept clean and healthy. We strongly believe that this can, and should be accomplished, while increasing profitability and production.

Safe Factories are productive Factories. Employees who feel valued are more productive. Factories that manage compliance at a high level also manage cost, quality and delivery equally as well. This results in a better and more profitable factory. It is Sumerra’s goal to increase the management systems and programs that promote the fair treatment of workers, worker health & safety and environmental stewardship through education, accountability and collaboration.

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