Fire Safety

Fire Safety is a crucial element in ensuring a safe workplace and protecting employees’ wellbeing. Good fire safety management saves lives. Workplaces must be protected and made as safe as possible from fires. This includes anticipating, evaluating and controlling fire risks. Fire prevention is of the utmost importance and this requires not only complying with country or international fire safety regulations, but factory or site specific evaluation and awareness of fire hazards. 

Even with lessons learned from previous fire events, there are still people being injured and even killed in fires. Fires can impact the lives of people and communities in which you operate. In addition to affecting people, property loss and damage can also be detrimental to your business and reputation. Fire safety management is a continual process that must be maintained to ensure people and property are protected. 

Sumerra provides full service consulting on fire safety management, inspection and educational services. Sumerra’s Fire safety experts have experience supporting fire safety management programs in all regions of the globe. This includes conducting fire safety audits and inspections, developing risk-based fire safety assessment tools, hosting large-scale fire safety educational events, conducting in-factory training and developing fire safety programs.

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