Air Quality

Air quality can have a direct impact on workers’ health and ability to perform their duties effectively. General indoor air quality and comfort parameters such as temperature and humidity ensure the work environment is suitable for people performing their daily tasks. Air quality can be impacted by the presence of hazardous airborne contaminants generated by the storage, handling and usage of chemicals in the workplace.

Poor indoor air quality can result in higher absenteeism, occupational illnesses and general discomfort. Maintaining a healthy and comfortable working environment can not only keep workers healthy, but also help to increase productivity.

Sumerra provides full service air quality assessments, testing and evaluations. Sumerra’s air quality experts are capable of performing general building indoor air quality assessments as well as evaluating exposures to a variety of chemical, physical and biological agents through exposure monitoring. Sumerra develops exposure monitoring plans, conduct sampling or monitoring for a wide variety of hazards, and trains staff to properly conduct exposure monitoring on their own. The Sumerra staff holds internationally respected and recognized certifications such as Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) which make them qualified to perform these services.

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