The term “environment” refers to all elements of the physical and biological world and the interactions between them. These elements include our natural resources such as soil minerals, air, and water as well as ecological and climate systems.  

Activities, such as manufacturing, can have a detrimental impact on these elements.  The environment is deteriorating in many areas due to natural and man-made stresses. Growth of industrialization combined with rapid population growth and rising consumption trends has led to over-harvesting of resources, increased waste, and the pollution of air, water and land.

Sumerra understands the whole product life cycle, giving us experience to support education and assessment oversight on environmental issues. We help our clients to take a balanced view of risk, achieve legislative compliance, ensure brand and supplier integrity and meet sustainability objectives whilst controlling costs.

Sumerra’s Environmental Consultancy Services offer full life cycle insight into the supply chain footprint, reducing environmental risk and impact.   Our environmental consultants provide practical and effective advice, assessment and reports on key environmental issues including Chemical Management, Waste Stewardship, Water Management, Air Quality, & Sustainable Minimization and Reduction initiatives.

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