Occupational Health & Safety

Workers are the most important resource for all businesses – and healthy, safe workers are productive workers. When factories implement effective Health and Safety (H&S) and occupational hygiene programs, they not only protect employees and reduce risk, but they also generate customer confidence and enhance their business reputation.

Sumerra provides comprehensive H&S and occupational hygiene services to effectively protect workers from hazards in the workplace. We assist clients, of any size, in anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling exposures to a variety of chemical, physical and biological hazards. These services include the creation of programs and systems that are needed to maintain an efficient and effective H&S and occupational hygiene program.

Sumerra provides a variety of project expertise, using our vast experience, in:

  • Exposure monitoring (e.g. solvent exposures, dust exposure)
  • Noise and vibration exposure evaluations
  • Investigation of mass occupational exposures and related illnesses
  • Job and machine safety analysis and risk assessment
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Hazardous materials management support
  • Exposure control recommendations
  • General indoor air quality

While Sumerra regularly assesses the ‘typical’ factory exposures (example: solvents and/or noise), the team is often called upon to perform more in-depth investigations to discover unknown factors that may be impacting workers.

Sumerra staff members hold internationally respected and recognized certifications such as Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Engineer, Structural Engineer and Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

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