Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety (H&S) programs are implemented to foster a safe and healthy work environment. H&S experts are tasked with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment.

All organizations are obligated, legally and morally, to ensure workers and others are protected from workplace hazards. A safe and healthy workplace is also a productive workplace and can have financial benefits for those organizations that excel. Addressing H&S issues is a key challenge facing businesses in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.

Sumerra provides Health & Safety services using our global teams of experts, offering professional, conceptual and detailed technical support for all aspects of Health and Safety in the industry.

We help clients achieve H&S compliance, efficiency and sustainable success in their business, with expertise in:Job Hazard Analysis

  • Risk Assessment
  • H&S Management & Legislation Compliance
  • H&S Program Development
  • Safety Evaluations & Testing
  • Occupational Hygiene

Our experts, with years of regulatory and industry experience, assist you in reaching your Health and Safety goals through the supply chain. Our approach, combined with our many years of experience, guarantees our customers ecologically and economically preferred solutions.

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