Navigating the global market is a complex and challenging task. Brands, Factories, Licensees and Industry Organizations must collaborate at a deeper level, sharing best practices in order to help the industry improve. Collaboration enables substantial and transformational changes that will drastically improve worker’s quality of life while enhancing factory profitability.

Making the world safer is an important goal for many organizations around the world. That is why Sumerra partners with different organizations whose focus complements our mission. Working together, we have a more profound and lasting effect in achieving safer living and working environments.

By combining strength, capabilities and our international footprint, we are able to make a more significant difference. From engaging workers in safety programs at factories to mentoring the next generation of social responsibility Brand leaders, Sumerra is proud of our partners and our collective ability to work together to advance a safer world.

Sumerra provides several avenues and programs to assist with creating this collaborative environment, while also participating in a few. Examples include:

  • Sumerra’s Annual Global Compliance Summit
  • Facilitation and/or participation in working groups
  • Sumerra’s Compliance Management Program
  • Project Management for multiple Brands
  • Participation in Industry Associations

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