Chemical/Hazardous Substances

Various chemicals are necessary for the manufacturing of products. Many of the attributes that make the chemicals useful in the production of products can also have a detrimental impact on workers, the environment, and the consumer.  it is important to carefully consider the use of chemicals in production and assure all necessary steps in order to prevent the unwanted consequences of poor chemical management.

Chemical management involves the entire chemical life-cycle. A proper chemical management system is extremely important for monitoring chemicals as they are used throughout the supply chain. Good chemical management means: 

  • Assuring acceptable exposure to workers
  • Preventing unacceptable discharge of chemicals to the environment
  • Complying with regulations for product safety

Sumerra provides a variety of services to assist in properly managing chemicals and other hazardous substances. Sumerra develops procedures or standards, provide training, and conduct assessments of chemical management at various sites. Additionally, Sumerra often consults with clients on general risk related issues regarding the safety of chemicals in use or in products.

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