Educational Assessments

Sumerra’s Educational Assessment is an excellent tool, not only to gauge a Factory’s performance and risk, but also to provide guidance of deficiencies. The Sumerra Educational Assessment is a one-on-one meeting between factory management and a Sumerra professional.  It dives deep into factory policies, practices and protocols to uncover issues which may not be caught with the traditional assessment.  During the assessment, a mock audit is performed, leaving the factory with key information on compliance issues and how to remediate them.   An Educational Assessment can be performed at different times in the compliance cycle: 

Before an audit: This allows the Factory to understand and remediate non-compliance issues prior to the audit. This is often a great tool when trying to begin sourcing for a new client and the Licensee or Factory want to confirm the Factory meets the requirements before going through the New Sourcing process.

After an audit: After receiving audit results, the Factory might not understand what the results mean and how to remediate the non-compliance issues found.  An Educational Assessment helps with this by not only looking at how to remediate the issue, but also to look at causal factors which have led to the non-compliance.

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