Audits are conducted to assess the risks at a factory during a certain point in time.  Audit results provide factory Management, Licensees and Brand representative’s important information to make key business decisions.  

Sumerra has extensive experience conducting audits on a global scale, crossing many industries. During a standard audit, Sumerra provides training and information to the factory by explaining the issues of concern, providing possible solutions, and allowing the factory the time and ability to ask questions they may have regarding the audit or other issues. Integrity, honesty and transparency are of the upmost importance to Sumerra. Sumerra has the capability of utilizing client provided audit protocols and tools or utilizing one of Sumerra’s comprehensive audit platforms and risk assessment tools.


Sumerra designs audit tools for some of the largest and most respected Brands and Organizations in the world. These audits have been performed thousands of times, identifying not only issues regarding equipment, written programs or training, but also discovering management system deficiencies. Our audits specialize in a deeper approach to auditing, not just a checklist.

Sumerra conducts audits and develops tools in the following areas:

  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Social/Labor
  • Supply Chain Security (CTPAT)
  • Water Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Structural Integrity
  • Sumerra SaFE – Structural Integrity, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety

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