Management Systems

Management systems are the driving force of how any organization operates. They are an intricate set of interdependent systems which ensure that a company is able to function to meet its business goals. In the Manufacturing sector, the typical setup consists of Human Resources, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Compliance. The more robust operations also include Industrial Hygiene and Environment into their management systems. Each of these systems has specifics goals and objectives to help the company run. 

Management systems need to be set up properly. They need to have the right people with the right skillset to run them effectively. Many times suppliers are unable to find qualified people due to lack of expertise in the labor market or insufficient budgets. Investing in training, education, and risk assessments are some of the ways that suppliers can improve their management systems. 

Sumerra is highly skilled in working with suppliers on their Management Systems. We have the expertise to help in development of policies and procedures that can meet the needs of any supplier. An essential part of the work we do in developing or revamping Management Systems is done through education and training. Our team works with factory management to help them understand what they need to do and how. We also work with brands/retailers on developing Environmental and Industrial Hygiene programs. Smaller brands may lack some of these programs and do not have staff that has expertise in these areas. Our team can work to develop these types of programs, as well as providing assistance on educating supplier of their programs.

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