Factories (also called Suppliers) come in all sizes and types in all regions of the world.  They produce or manufacture products to be sold by their client.  These products range from parts to be assembled further down the supply chain to the actual completing fulfillment and delivery of the clients order. 

Factories strive to have strategic partnerships with their brands.  These partnerships are most successful when performing with the highest compliance.  Many Brands choose to grow business with factories that they know are working on raising the bar on their compliance.  These factories have well developed management systems that work to not only produce a good product, but also to provide a good working environment for their workers and treat their community with respect by not harming it.  Any factory, even small factories with minimum budgets, can become strategic partners if they set themselves up to achieve compliance.

Sumerra understands factories and how to work with their management teams.  We understand the expectations factories face from their Brands.  .  Our staff can educate factory management teams on how to do things right.  We can work on policy & procedure development, worker trainings, self-assessments or root cause analysis to get the factory on the right path to compliance.

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