Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a process that attempts to identify the root causes of failures, faults, or problems. A root cause is a cause that once removed, addressed or repaired, prevents the issue from recurring.

If the root cause of an issue is not removed, addressed or repaired, it is likely that the issue will continue to reoccur.  In a majority of cases, causal factors are determined (a causal factor is something that affects the outcome, but is not a root cause) but not the root cause. Dealing with a causal factor may temporarily prevent the reoccurrence, but eventually the issue will return.  Therefore it is important to evaluate and define the true root cause of an issue.

Sumerra’s consultants utilize root cause analysis methods to break down the complexities of compliance problems to discover the true root causes of issues.  

Root cause analyses can assist with:

  • Incident Investigations
  • Unresolved Recurring Compliance Issues
  • Identifying Program Failures

Once accurately determined, Sumerra can assist the client in solutions to the problem that are effective and efficient.  Sumerra also provides training in basic root cause analysis to allow for self-assessment and sustainable development for manufacturers around the world.

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