Supply Chain Data Management

Managing a global supply chain results in large amounts of data.  The data must then be analyzed affectively in order to clearly understand the supply chain. Once this is understood, Risks can be identified and plans can be developed to improve the supply chain.  

The creation of a data management system can be difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Not only does the system need to be developed, but there are on-going management concerns with the ownership of an IT system. 

Sumerra created and developed SUMO (Sumerra Online) to help organizations collect, analyze, manipulate and use the information to make key decisions. SUMO is designed to be customized for individual companies, providing them the framework to build a cost-effective, personalized, and easy to use online data management system.

Sumerra utilizes Sumo for our own business needs including the operation of our Compliance Management Programs and Consulting initiatives.

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