Standards Development

Standards are written guidance or rules for complying with the codes of a Brand or other stakeholder.  Standards can be used to communicate the expectations, rules, reporting requirements, goals or other information to your supply chain partners.  

As Brands, Factories and Licensees move beyond basic compliance it becomes more important to communicate the expectations and goals.  Developing a detailed standard or set of standards sets the bar for Suppliers to achieve the shared goals of the Brand and the supplier.  Standards provide the necessary guidance to achieve those goals and allow assessors a baseline for which to judge the performance of its business partners.

Sumerra assists in the development of standards for some of the largest and most respected Brands and Organizations in the world. Sumerra works with our client’s to establish the goals of the program, the expectations, and a reasonable plan to implement the standard.   Once developed, Sumerra offers other services to help to implement the standards including database management for reporting and training of stakeholders.

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