Brands (also called Retailers, Retail Brands, Wholesalers, Licensors, Buyers, etc.) strive to meet the demands of the end consumer.  Brands create products based on the Consumers needs and requests.  Brands may have vast Global supply chains with a multitude of stakeholders. The sizes of these companies vary greatly, and some have a limited compliance programs both in terms of staffing and budgeting while others have established programs.

Brands are under constant pressure from customers, NGO’s, activists, and other stakeholders who demand that their supply chains conduct business both in a socially & environmentally responsible manner.   The compliance challenges that are faced by most Brands are endless.  The use of Global supply chains, especially in underdeveloped countries, often produce serious concerns such as illegal subcontracting, bonded labor, polluting issues, etc. A successful compliance program or plan relieves compliance challenges and eventually maximizes supply chain productivity.

Sumerra works with global Brands in a variety of sizes.  We partner with Brands and their supply chain to help them reach their compliance initiatives.  Sumerra understands the compliance challenges that Brands face on a daily basis.   Many of our team members have years of experience working at Fortune 500 companies in the capacity of CSR management.  We have developed many of the current programs that are being used at these companies, along with policies and procedures.   Our team has developed programs that help Brands meet the compliance expectations of their stakeholders.

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