Auditors (also called Third Party Auditing Companies, Consultants, Consulting Firms, 3PAs, Assessors, etc.) serve as the auditing and monitoring mechanism of the compliance industry.  They work in a variety of different industries, with endless Codes of Conducts and standards, to assess suppliers.  Ultimately, the main focus is ensuring that suppliers are meeting the legal requirements and standard requirements of their country and their customer.

Auditors serve an important role for the supply chain.  They gauge how well suppliers are complying with laws and standards, as well as how well they are treating workers and the environment.   They measure the effectiveness of Supplier’s compliance efforts and if they are meeting requirements of their customer.

Sumerra partners with Auditors and Auditing companies around the world.  The main partnership is through the Sumerra Compliance Management Program, however Sumerra also regularly works with Auditing Companies on other compliance initiatives as well.  Our collaborative efforts continues to grow with various Auditors and Auditing Companies as we develop new reasons for working together. 

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