Sumerra provides regularly scheduled trainings year-round as well as customized training developed to meet your specific needs. Sumerra’s educational professionals have the ability to create customized educational events for any organization. Sumerra’s team conducts these events in large venues with thousands of attendees, or small factories with just a few individuals. Our team speaks several languages and has the experience to communicate effectively with all cultures around the world.

Sumerra is always looking for feedback on our current and future training events. If you have suggestions on topics, location, etc. or you are interested in setting up your own training, please contact the training team:

Please review the Sumerra Training Catalog to learn more.


Sumerra Training and Education Platform

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The Sumerra Training and Education Platform is a centralized place to access an array of training opportunities offered by Sumerra.  The platform provides Brands, Licensees, Suppliers, Auditors and other Stakeholders access to industry related educational programs on social responsibility, human resources management, health & safety, environmental sustainability, and much more.  Sumerra regularly updates the site with both Free and Pay to Access trainings.   Create a free account today on STEP to access the training list! 

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