Audit Management Program Overview

The Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association (FJATA) has partnered with Sumerra to provide a collaborative monitoring program for the industry. The program allows for factories to be audited one time and the results and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to be shared across multiple companies. The program provides the following benefits:

  • Program Consistency- Audit Tool, Compliance Standards, Audit Frequency, Corrective Action Plans
  • Reduction in Expenditures – Audit & Personnel costs
  • Increased Collaboration within the Industry
  • Reduction in Audits for Factories
  • Increased Education for Factories

FJATA & Sumerra are committed to raising the bar on compliance for the industry. The Sumerra Audit Management Program has a turnkey approach that can provide a full functioning program within several months to participating companies. Factories often share they are tired of the continuous bombardment of audits, corrective action plans, and different perspectives on compliance standards. This program eliminates these ineffective compliance efforts, helping to better manage and educate factories on a single compliance effort while of course reducing costs to all involved.

English video for participating FJATA company
English video for participating FJATA factory

Take the first step by registering below

Participating Company

If you are a Participating Company (brand, retailer, licensee, importer) the Sumerra CRM will contact you after receiving your registration to discuss your program and the potential start date for the program.

Participating Factory

If you are a Participating Factory, the Sumerra team will work with you on scheduling your audit, verifying your audit results and following up on the Corrective Action Plan needed to get you on the road to compliance.