Global Summit

Sumerra hosts an Annual Compliance Summit which provides Industry Leaders, Manufacturing Brands and their respective Suppliers & Licensees a unique opportunity to come together, collaborate, and learn best practices within Corporate Social Responsibility. Each Summit is 2-4 days in duration, consisting of presentations and discussion panels presented by Industry Leaders and more in-depth, hands-on trainings taught by Sumerra.

Each summit encompasses an exhibition where companies are able to showcase their products, technologies, services and solutions to assist Brands, Licensees & Suppliers in reaching compliance goals.

The summit is successful because of the commitment from many manufacturing Brands that agree to be Participating Brands and encourage participation among their Supply Chain. Many Brands see the summit as a great opportunity to meet with their Suppliers and Licensees one-on-one.

Sumerra has hosted several summits in Asia. See below for more information on the previous summits.

The 2014 Global Compliance Summit Participating Brands included:


If you are interested in learning more about the summit and how you can get involved, please contact the Summit team:

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