SAC FEM Training Program

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Higg FEM Trainer Body List

Companies and individuals who are interested in providing training for the SAC FEM look no further, you are in the right place.

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All Trainers must be associated to an approved Trainer Body (TB).   Therefore, the first step to providing training services is to complete a Trainer Body application.  Once a TB is approved, the TB representative will be provided a link to the application for individual Trainers. Click Here for a Flowchart of the Application Process

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SAC Members must pay an application fee, but do not need to pay other fees to be a Trainer Body.  Non-members must pay  an application fee, as well as an annual fee (year one is discounted the cost of the application fee).  Fees can be reviewed by clicking the button below.

After you have been determined as eligible (meet the criteria), you will be invited to join the official Trainer training facilitated on the Sumerra Training and Education Platform (STEP).

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 Please note the following regarding training and exams:

    • Trainers may not conduct trainings until after they have completed the training and passed their final exam
    • Approval is valid from one year of passing the final exam
    • Training fees on non-refundable

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Once a Trainer is approved, they must maintain their status through ongoing activity in environmental sustainability field (e.g. assessments, continuing education, etc.). Please click below to learn more about the status maintenance program.

Trainer Status Maintenance (TSM) Program

Higg FEM Trainer Body
Criteria Evidence to Prepare and Provide
Minimal 3 years’ track record in training in environmental sustainability. Company history, training experience, and accreditation. 
Management system and quality control procedures in place to select and monitor SAC FEM Trainers, and assure quality of trainings delivered. Copies of:

 - Code of Conduct

 - Information on training director/responsible party

 - Trainer Qualifications Policy

 - Training Quality Monitoring Program

*Exception Requests: For Verifiers who are initially deemed ineligible, they have an opportunity to file an exception request.  If a Verifier believes they have a combination of education, experience, and training that meets the intent of the SAC criteria and they wish to provide an explanation for why the SAC should except this as a demonstration of your ability to conduct a high quality, full environmental assessment such as the Higg FEM they can complete an 'Eligibility Exception Request Form' which will be included in your eligibility email. Verifiers have up to 30 days to request an exception.

Higg FEM Trainer
Criteria Evidence to Prepare and Provide
Sufficient education (e.g. tertiary degree, preferably in environmental or life science).  List of degree achieved including area of study and year of completion
Experience with environmental training (more than 72 hours of contact time in total and at least 24 hours of contact time in the previous 12 months) Training log with training descriptions/ example materials
Client testimonial
Names and contact info of client
Additional specialized training in environmental subject matter
List of training received
Additional environmental certifications/accreditation
Copies of certificates (certifying body, validity dates, etc.)
Additional training certifications/accreditation
Copies of certificates (certifying body, validity dates, etc.)
Additional training in adult Training Methods List of training received

*Note: Only meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee eligibility to become a Trainer it only confirms the applicant has met the baseline requirements to be considered for FEM Trainer status. For example, if only the listed minimum requirements are met, applicants will be required to have additional 'preferred' listed qualifications to become eligible.

Trainer Body Application/Renewal Fees:

Non-Member Price SAC Member Price
TB Application US$3,000 (US$500 Non-refundable application fee + US$2,500 program fee) US$500
Annual Renewal Fee US$3,000 $0

Trainer Application/Renewal Fees:


Non-Member Price SAC Member Price
Higg FEM Trainer US$250 US$200
Trainer Status Maintenance (TSM) US$400 US$320
Trainer Status Reactivation (if expired without reason) US$200 US$200

Training Pricing:

Non-Member Price SAC Member Price
Higg FEM Trainer US$1688 US$1,350
Trainer Add-On (for trainees with Verifier approval)* US$245 US$200

*Please contact Sumerra for instructions for how to properly order an add-on within STEP.