Nike Program

Nike, Inc. believes in partnering with Suppliers who share the believe that success can only be achieved when sustainable practices are embedded in how products are manufactured and sourced. Nike has hundreds of suppliers worldwide that produce Nike and Affiliate Brand Products. Nike conducts ongoing audits at all of its supplying factories to ensure that suppliers are meeting basic requirements around the protection of the environment, the health and safety of the workers, and to ensure that employees are treated in a fair manner.

Sumerra is managing the audit process, Nike FCO program, on behalf of Nike – Working with Nike, Third Party Auditors, Licensees and Factories to ensure the audits are done in the right manner and at the right time.  Only Approved Third Party Auditors will be allowed to conduct the Nike Audits.  To become an Approved Auditor, an auditor must attend and complete a Sumerra managed NCAT Auditor Training Session(s).

If you have additional questions, please first check the FAQ page by clicking the button below. If you still have questions, please contact or use the contact block at the bottom of this page with any questions you may have about training requirements.


Eligibility Requirements

The initial step in becoming an auditor is to complete an auditor profile.  The form will be reviewed by Sumerra and if deemed eligible, the auditor may proceed with the training. Please click the appropriate link below to start or update your profile.  If you have already completed your profile using the links below, no further action is necessary and you may continue to the training section below.

  New Auditor Update Profile


If you have been notified by the Sumerra Team that you are eligible to be an auditor based on your profile, you may then enroll in auditor training.  In order to access training you must first have a free user account on the Sumerra Training and Education Platform (STEP).  Users are recommended to view the instructional videos first by clicking the button below:

Instruction Videos

Please note that you must be logged in to STEP to access the catalogs and learning plans noted below.  If you don’t have a user account you can sign up for free by clicking the Register button in the upper right hand corner (*Please make sure to note that you are an ‘Auditor’ when filling out the registration)  It is recommended that you register / sign-in before clicking the links below.

Main Training Page


Training Catalog

Learning Plans (Course Packages)

Combo (HSE & Labor) Package HSE Package Labor Package


  • The training will be in English only (all audit documents are required to be provided to Sumerra in English).  All Nike auditors should have working knowledge of spoken and written English
  • There are three Nike training modules & one Sumerra module.
    • Sumerra General Compliance Management Auditor Training
    • Nike NCAT And Audit Process
    • Nike Labor Auditor Training
    • Nike HSE Auditor Training
  • Each training module will take about 4-6 hours to complete
  • There are checkpoints periodically throughout the trainings to ensure attentiveness and retention
  • All attendees will be required to fill out a test form at the completion of the modules and will submit through the training module portal
  • Each attendee will be required to attend a 1-1 call with a Sumerra Representative within 4 weeks of attending the training and submitting the assessment.  During this phone training, the Sumerra Representative will review the assessment with the attendee and provide feedback.  In some situations, the attendee may be required to do an additional follow up assessment after the phone call.  This additional assessment will be done through email.  The attendee can schedule the 1-1 call on the course page.
  • An attendee will only become approved by completing all steps of the training.


The costs for each course are summarized below.  The courses have been packaged into several learning plans (course packages) for your convenience.

Course Fee
Sumerra General Compliance Management Auditor Training* $75
Nike NCAT Audit Process Training* $100
Nike NCAT Labor Auditor Training $300
Nike NCAT HSE Auditor Training $300


*These courses are shared between learning plans or may have been taken as part of other programs.  If you have already enrolled/completed these courses, you should select Select Courses to Buy when purchasing this plan. Please view the instruction videos to learn more.


Here are the important links again:

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