ESEP Auditor Approval Program

Eligibility Requirements

If you are new to the Sumerra Programs, we would like to ask you to complete an auditor profile, so we can verify your eligibility. To become an approved auditor in the Sumerra Compliance Management programs, auditors must meet the following qualifications:

  • 4 year college/university degree in a related field (e.g. HR, Environmental, Occupational Hygiene, Safety, etc.)
    and 2+ years of relevant experience OR
  • 6+ Years of relevant experience OR
  • 50+ factory audits in the past year AND
  • Previous knowledge/experience/training on how to conduct social and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) factory audits

Click one of the buttons below to start the process by completing a profile.

New Auditor Update An Existing Profile



If you have been notified by the Sumerra Team that you are eligible to be an auditor based on your profile, you may then enroll in auditor training. In order to access training, you must first have a free user account on the Sumerra Training and Education Platform (STEP). If you haven’t previously registered on the Sumerra Training and Education Platform (STEP) you will need to register for a free account (if you already registered, great, you just need to go log-in). Please select ‘Auditing/3PA Company ’ as your organization type when filling out the registration.



Once registered an logged in, you can enroll in the ESEP Learning Plan.

ESEP Learning Plan

A Learning plan is a group of courses.  The ESEP Learning plan consists of two courses:

  • Sumerra General Compliance Management Auditor Training
  • ESEP Auditor Training

Users are recommended to review the knowledge base on using STEP and view the instructional videos by clicking the buttons below:

Learn More About Learning Platform Instruction Videos

Please note the details below

  • The trainings will be in English only (all audit documents are required to be provided to Sumerra in English). All ESEP auditors should have working knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Both Training Modules will take approximately 1-2 hours
  • There are checkpoints periodically throughout the trainings to ensure attentiveness and retention
  • There will be a final test in end of the Training
  • The trainings are facilitated online and self-paced, so you can attend anywhere anytime
  • ESEP Auditor Certificate is valid for One Year, after that you will have to Renew your certificate to remain approved

Following successful completion of this training, the trainee will:

  1. Know what ESEP is
  2. Understand how the ESEP works including Sumerra’s role and the auditor’s responsibilities
  3. Understand the ESEP audit protocols & audit process
  4. Understand how to use the current ESEP Audit Tool
  5. Understand the standards that form the basis of the audit
  6. You will receive ESEP auditor Certificate (Valid for one Year)

This course is meant to provide procedures that are specific to the ESEP and is not an auditor skills training, general auditor certification or auditing competence evaluation. In order to be eligible to audit on behalf of the ESEP, auditors must already have sufficient auditing experience and fully understand principles of social compliance auditing. Additionally, auditors must have knowledge of local laws applicable to labor management, health & safety, and environmental compliance.


If your ESEP auditor certificate is recently expired, you need to complete the ESEP refresher training.  When your certificate is approaching expiry you should receive an email with a link to a recertification page.  Clicking ‘Renew’ on this page will provide you with a link the the Renewal Course.

Learn More About Re-Certification


The costs for each course are summarized below. The courses have been packaged into a learning plan (course packages) for your convenience.

 Course Fee
Sumerra General Compliance Management Auditor Training* US$75
ESEP Auditor Training US$175
Total US$225
Annual Renewal Course US$50

*This course is shared between learning plans or may have been taken as part of other programs. If you have already enrolled/completed this course, you should select ‘Select Courses to Buy’ when purchasing this plan. Please view the instruction videos to learn more. If you are already approved for any ongoing program and have completed the Sumerra General Compliance Management Auditor Training course, you only need to pay for the ESEP Auditor Training (USD $175).

Should you have any questions regarding the training please use the contact block below to submit your questions or email to