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About SMAQ

The Sustainable Manufacturing Assessment Questionnaire (SMAQ) is an on-line questionnaire that measures the quality and depth of an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

This data is shared with Brands, Retailers, Universities, Licensors and other stakeholders who use the information when making responsible sourcing relationship decisions.

The Questionnaire covers the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Code of Conduct
  • Monitoring Activities
  • Remediation Efforts
  • Beyond Compliance – Best Practices/Certifications

After the questionnaire is submitted, the information provided is reviewed by Sumerra’s team of compliance professionals.  The questionnaire is given an overall score as well as a score for the two main sections: Program Development and Implementation.

Who should take the questionnaire

Vendors or Licensees may be required to take the questionnaire by their business partners such as Buyers, Brands, Retailers, Universities, Licensors.  Others may elect to take the questionnaire on their own to either improve upon an old score or in order to be proactive in showing their business partners the strength of their CSR Program.

SMAQ allows Vendors and Licensees to:

  • Share information about your CSR Program
  • Know if you meet your business partner’s CSR Expectations
  • Credibly demonstrate your program to potential clients or licensors
  • Showcase improvement and growth by retaking the SMAQ year after year

Who recieves the questionnaire information?

Many Brands, Retailers, Universities, Licensors and other Stakeholders have partnered with Sumerra to receive the SMAQ results.  You will have an option to elect which of these organizations your information should be shared with during the questionnaire process.

Who recieves the questionnaire information?

These organizations are committed to ensuring their products are made in a manner that minimizes harm to workers and damage to local communities and environments.  They have committed to work with Licensees who share these values.  SMAQ provides these organizations a glimpse into your CSR Programs and continual efforts to improve.  They utilize the results from the questionnaire to make socially responsible sourcing decisions and to ensure that their licensing partners are fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Questionnaire Specifics

Length of time to complete

The questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on the depth/size of the organization completing the questionnaire, the depth of the CSR

program, and how much of the information is at your fingertips ahead of time.


In order to successfully complete the questionnaire, the following information should be available prior to starting the process:

  • Information on the organization of your CSR program

  • Basic information of factories your organization owns

  • Basic information of factories your company has sourcing contracts with

  • Name and locations of production factories for your blank good providers/vendors
  • Audit schedule for the past 24 months
  • Audit schedule for the coming 12 months
  • Audit Reports (including any proof of remediation) of suppliers in the past 24 months


The questionnaire costs $475.00 USD. This can be paid for by credit card, wire or check (in USA).  Payment details and invoice are provided during the questionnaire process.

Additional SMAQ related questions?

If you have additional questions in regards to SMAQ, please email the Sumerra SMAQ Team!

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Permission to share Form

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