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SLCP Active Verifier Body (VB) List

Welcome to the SLCP Verifier Bodies List!
The table below can be used to quickly scan the active SLCP Verifier Body (VB) list. Use the search field to look for a specific country or name.

Countries/ regions included in overview: Note that the table shows availability of Verifers in countries/regions both where SLCP is currently active and where SLCP will be from Q3 2020 onwards. Therefore, viewing a country/region on this list does not mean that verification can be completed for facilities located there. For the up-to-date list of SLCP country/region activity, please visit the Gateway homepage.

Facilities can use this table to understand which VB are active in their country/region. The list includes the contact details for each VB. Before selecting a VB for a verification, a facility should contact them to understand costs and availability. After choosing a VB, the facility can select them from a list on their Accredited Host platform. See the SLCP FAQs for facilities for more details.

Facilities note: In your Gateway profile, you need to include all languages that are spoken in your facility, i.e. any languages spoken by facility management and employees. Languages are selected from a standardized list. This language information is used to match you with a Verifier that has the appropriate language skills to conduct the management and employee interviews. Make sure that one of the languages in the final column of the table below matches one language spoken in your facility before contacting a VB for a quote.

Aspiring Verifier Body or Verifier: You can start the application process by clicking this button ->

For questions, please visit our Helpdesk or contact our Verification Oversight Organization.

To see additional info on Verifier numbers by location

Chart of Verifiers by Country and VB

If you don’t see a VB with approved Verifiers in your country/region, click here to view a list of VB that are approved for additional countries/regions but don’t yet have Verifiers. You can contact them to check when Verifiers might be available

VBs Approved for Countries but No Verifiers

You can view a list of countries/regions with local Verifier capacity risks by clicking this button

View Local Verifier Capacity Risk

If you know the family/last name of a Verifier and the Gateway ID you can check approval status here

Check Verifier Status

VB Name
Type of Verifier Body
Phone Number
Company Public Contact Email Address
Company Website
Number of Approved Verifiers
Countries/Regions with Approved Verifiers
Countries/Regions with Approved Local Verifiers
APSCA Status
Approval Status
ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.3rd Party1 (281) 673-2770dtownsend@abs-qe.comhttps://www.abs-group.com3China, VietnamChina, VietnamFull MemberFull
Accordia Global Compliance Group3rd Party19049405252ringrao@accordiausa.comhttp://www.accordiausa.com6China, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Mexico, United States, IndiaChina, Sri Lanka, United States, MexicoFull MemberFull
ACT Testing Certification Technology Service Co. Ltd.3rd Party86-571-8537 9619act@act-tc.com a MemberFull
ALGI International3rd Party8456130095seidecker@algi.net Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, BrazilColombia, China, United States, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, BrazilFull MemberFull
Anode Sustainability Certification Promotion Services3rd Party18562812666info@ascpservices.comhttp://www.ascpservices.com3ChinaChinaNot a MemberFull
APCert Technical Services Co. Ltd.3rd Party86 15980948732http://www.apcert.cn2ChinaChinaNot a MemberFull
API/SgT3rd Party37198638info@api-hk.comhttp://www.api-hk.com3ChinaChinaFull MemberFull
AS INTERNATIONAL3rd Party33178482121slcp@as-inter.com, Turkey, FranceChina, France, TurkeyNot a MemberFull
Asya Control Certifications & Consultancy3rd Party905333257233kadir@asyacc.comhttps://www.asyacc.com2TurkeyTurkeyNot a MemberFull
BCI Compliance Group Limited3rd Party886 6 221 8919edward.mole@bcicompliance.com, Myanmar, Vietnam, TaiwanChina, Vietnam, TaiwanFull MemberFull
Benchmarks Company Limited3rd Party+852-2384, Hong Kong, Taiwan, MacauChinaFull MemberFull
Best Compliance Limited3rd Party+852-3075, Hong Kong, Macau, TaiwanChinaInactive/Volunitarily Withdrew MembershipFull
Bronco Technology3rd Party86-135 8082 0520info@broncoglobal.comhttps://www.broncoglobal.com4China, VietnamChina, VietnamNot a MemberFull
BSI Group Assurance Limited3rd Party44 20 8996 9001shammi.singh@bsigroup.comhttps://www.bsigroup.com12China, United States, India, Thailand, South KoreaChina, United States, India, Thailand, South KoreaFull MemberFull
Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Limited3rd Party+86 20 8380 7735 Riki.Wang@cn.bureauveritas.com, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, PortugalChina, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, PortugalFull MemberFull
Business Link Consulting Co. Ltd.3rd Party8615013056874blc-slcp@blc-gz.cnhttp://www.blc-china.com2ChinaChinaNot a MemberFull
C&A2nd Party85297208671caren.jakubaschk@canda.comhttp://www.canda.com12China, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, BangladeshChina, India, Turkey, BangladeshNot in ScopeFull
Centre Testing International Group Co. Ltd.3rd Party8613266884083audit@cti-cert.com, Hong Kong, MacauChinaFull MemberFull
Control Union3rd Party60363445prathnayake@controlunion.com, Sri Lanka, PakistanIndia, Sri Lanka, PakistanFull MemberFull
CSER Solutions Ltd.3rd Party86-21-51371481contact@csersolutions.comhttp://www.csersolutions.com1China, Hong Kong, Macau, TaiwanChinaNot a MemberFull
CSR Solutions Limited3rd Party8675588911266info@csr-solutions.orghttps://www.csr-solutions.org4ChinaChinaFull MemberFull
DNV3rd Party010 292 2600slcp@dnv.comhttps://www.dnv.com4South Korea, Vietnam, China, ItalySouth Korea, Vietnam, China, ItalyFull MemberFull
ELEVATE HONG KONG HOLDINGS LIMITED3rd Party86 (0)755 8214 4529 – 868szha@elevatelimited.com, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Mauritius, Tunisia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Mexico, Canada, United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, PakistanChina, India, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, PakistanFull MemberFull
ESTS (Extensive Standard Technical Services Co. Ltd.)3rd Party86-769-21661360info@estsglobal.comhttps://www.estsglobal.com33China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, ThailandChina, VietnamFull MemberFull
Eurofins CPA3rd Party+91 9137709289swapnilsavadi@eurofins.com, China, Turkey, BangladeshIndia, China, Turkey, BangladeshFull MemberFull
Fair Working Conditions3rd Party353 9066 28922info@fwc.iehttp://www.fwc.ie3China, Vietnam, IndiaChina, Vietnam, IndiaNot a MemberFull
FITI Testing & Research Institute3rd Party82 2 3299 8218 KoreaSouth KoreaNot a MemberFull
Gap Inc.2nd Party954-483-4456https://gapinc.com12India, Sri Lanka, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, VietnamIndia, Sri Lanka, China, Guatemala, VietnamNot in ScopeFull
GCL International Ltd3rd Party+44(0)8455489001gcl@gcl-intl.com, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Myanmar, ThailandIndia, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, ThailandFull MemberFull
Globalgroup Certification Limited3rd Party76089929856webmail@globalgroup.cnhttp://www.globalgroup.cn2ChinaChina2015-2018 Provisional MemberFull
Greenhubs3rd Party8614739993893operations@greenhubs.cn a MemberFull
GSCS International Ltd.3rd Party8801712041641morad@gscsbd.com, India, Myanmar, Kenya, Sri Lanka, ChinaBangladesh, Ethiopia, MyanmarFull MemberFull
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency3rd Party86-20-83833777info.gz@hkqaa.org, Hong Kong, MacauChinaFull MemberFull
Ilink Development Services3rd Party919945482812raja@ilinkdev.in a MemberFull
Inditex2nd Party34981185400https://www.inditex.com4China, TurkeyChina, TurkeyNot in ScopeFull
International Associates Limited3rd Party01413 28 29 28enquiry@ia-uk.comhttps://www.ia-uk.com10Mauritius, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Moldova, France, Romania, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Georgia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, BangladeshUnited Kingdom, Thailand, Romania, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, BangladeshFull MemberFull
International Compliance Group3rd Party6198234719gil.llanes@ic-group.com http://www.ic-group-usa.com15Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, China, IndiaMexico, Vietnam, Nicaragua, United States, China, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, IndiaFull MemberFull
Intertek3rd Party632-8195841justin.bettey@intertek.com, India, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, Indonesia, Bulgaria, North MacedoniaChina, India, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, Indonesia, BulgariaFull MemberFull
Kaixin Certification (Beijing) Co. Ltd.3rd Party8610 - 65535910kcb@kcb-china.com a MemberFull
Leadership & Sustainability Karin Ekberg GmbH3rd Partyinfo@leadership-sustainability.comhttps://www.leadership-sustainability.com11Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, India, Romania, Portugal, BangladeshTunisia, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Romania, Portugal, BangladeshNot a MemberFull
Leadertek2nd Party376884918http://www.fenixoutdoor.se1VietnamVietnamNot in ScopeFull
Madeown International Testing Certification Inc3rd Party+86 760, https://www.madeown.com3ChinaChinaFull MemberFull
NEWAsia Solutions Limited3rd Party4000126456amanda.xu@newasiacsr.com, TaiwanChinaNot a MemberFull
Omega Compliance Limited3rd Party852-2621 5622info@omegacompliance.comhttps://www.omegacompliance.com16Sri Lanka, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, TurkeySri Lanka, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, TurkeyFull MemberFull
OneStep Viet Co. Limited3rd Party842835122855onestep@onestepvietnam.comhttp://onestepvietnam.com3VietnamVietnamNot a MemberFull
Onsite Compliance & Technical Service Co Ltd3rd Party8618666083757info@onsitechina.comhttp://www.onsitechina.com5ChinaChinaNot a MemberFull
Openview Service Limited3rd Party8675583696348contact@openviewservice.comhttp://www.openviewservice.com17China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, IndonesiaChina, Vietnam, TaiwanFull MemberFull
Ozone Sustainability Management Systems3rd Party9711002728enquiry@ozonesustainability.comhttp://www.ozonesustainability.com2India, PakistanIndia, PakistanNot a MemberFull
PUMA SE2nd Party+86 13632226434 in ScopeFull
QIMA Limited3rd Party+852 8332 1345gabriel.amouyal@qima.com, IndiaChina, IndiaFull MemberFull
RINA Services3rd Party+39 01 053851massimiliano.ghittino@rina.org, Turkey, RomaniaIndia, Turkey, RomaniaFull MemberFull
SGS3rd Party41 22 739 91 11michael.noon@sgs.com, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, TurkeyChina, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, TurkeyFull MemberFull
SMT-Global3rd Party86-13902941818SLCP@smt-global.comhttp://www.smt-global.com6China, Myanmar, MalaysiaChinaFull MemberFull
Stantec Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.3rd Party+86 21 6237 0588slcp@stantec.com a MemberFull
Sustainable Alliance3rd Party2013556964slcp@sustainablealliance.nethttps://www.sustainablealliance.net1IndiaIndiaNot a MemberFull
Sustainable Management System Inc.3rd Party13476534802president@smscert.com, IndiaBangladesh, IndiaNot a MemberFull
Teks Tech Inspection India Pvt. Ltd.3rd Party+91 120 4123623asdash@tekstech.comhttp://www.tekstech.com3IndiaIndiaNot a MemberFull
Trans Pacific Solutions3rd Party522224559144info@tpscompliance.comhttp://www.tpscompliance.com2Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States, PakistanMexico, PakistanNot a MemberFull
TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd.3rd Party+86 20 2839 1507Stephy.Wu@tuv.com, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hong Kong, PakistanChina, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, PakistanFull MemberFull
TUV SUD3rd Party862038153385Info@tuvsud.comTUV SUD26China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, BangladeshChina, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, BangladeshFull MemberFull
URS Verification Private Limited3rd Party91-120-4516264 - 65gen@ursindia.comhttp://www.urs-holdings.com1IndiaIndia2021 Provisional MemberFull
Verité China3rd Party86-755-8327-1958vchina@verite-china.comhttps://www.verite.org1China, Hong Kong, Macau, TaiwanChinaNot a MemberFull
We-tek Ltd3rd a MemberFull
Worksite Compliance Service Co. Ltd.3rd Party86-13823259894info@worksitechina.comhttp://www.worksitechina.com4ChinaChinaNot a MemberFull

Disclaimer: The below risk levels for local Verifier capacity are only indicative. Risk levels are based on current VB and Verifier capacity/pipeline and the forecasted verification numbers by country/region shared by some SLCP signatories for 2021 operations. "Local Verifier" means that the table only considers Verifiers approved for countries/regions who are located in country/region. There are Verifiers already approved and in the pipeline who are located outside the country/region they are approved for. As we want to include possible travel restrictions in our risk evaluation, these non-local Verifiers are not included in the table. Please always check with Verifier Bodies to confirm Verifier availability.

Risk level explanation:
Level 1: At this level, we are seeking new or existing Verifier Bodies to be approved for these countries/regions and to submit Verifier candidates for approval.
Level 2: At this level, we have approved Verifier Bodies, but currently are seeking Verifier candidates for approval.
Level 3: At this level, we have approved Verifier Bodies and at least one eligible Verifier candidate, however, no candidates have been approved as Verifiers.
Level 4: At this level, we have approved Verifiers however, based on shared projections, overall capacity is limited and we are seeking additional Verifier candidates.

VB Name
Type of Verifier Body
Company Website
APSCA Status
Approval Status
Leverage Limited3rd Partyhttps://www.leveragelimited.comNot In Good StandingRevoked
VF Corporation2nd Party in ScopeSuspended