SAC BRM Verifier Body (VB) List

If you are a Brand/Retailer: Please use the list below to find a Verifier Body.  You can then contact the Verifier Body for availability and a quote.

If you want to act as an SAC BRM Verifier Body: You can start the application process by clicking this button ->

The table below can be used to quickly scan the active Verifier Body List. Use the search field to look for a specific attribute.


ID Code
Company Name
Company Public Email
Company Public Website
Phone Number
Number of Approved Verifiers
BRMVB1005TÜV Rheinland Groupjia.liu@nl.tuv.comhttps://www.tuv.com/00316139808682
BRMVB1006Leadership & Sustainability Karin Ekberg GmbHkarin.ekberg@leadership-sustainability.comhttp://www.leadership-sustainability.com004915146170182
BRMVB1007SGS - Bluesignmichael.noon@sgs.comhttp://www.sgs.com41 22 739 91 112
BRMVB1008Elevateinfo@elevatelimited.comhttps://www.elevatelimited.com/852 2854 08184
BRMVB1009Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Limitedlily-l.lin@bureauveritas.comhttps://group.bureauveritas.com/8621241669945
BRMVB1010GSCS International Ltd.info@gscsintl.comhttp://www.gscsintl.com88013134442021