college campusUniversities and Consumers expect that University logoed goods are produced in a socially responsible manner. This means workers engaged in the University Supply Chain should receive fair and humane treatment. However, it’s not just workers that need attention. The community where a factory exists, and the environment itself requires protection from harmful production processes. In order to meet this expectation, Universities are choosing to partner with Licensees that actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Sumerra’s University Survey Program (USP) provides an avenue for Licensees to easily share their Social Responsibility Efforts with Universities. In turn, Universities are confident in knowing the CSR programs of their Licensees, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their Supply Chain.

Survey signSumerra has developed an online Licensee Reporting Tool (LRT). The LRT tracks Licensee answers regarding their Supply Chain and current CSR efforts. Questions in the tool range from general (type of product produced, number of Suppliers used) to specific (recent findings in the last audit, current remediation efforts). Upon survey completion, the responses are reviewed and scored by a qualified Sumerra employee using a pre-determined weighting system. The scores are then provided to the Licensee and University, with current risks highlighted for review.

•  Provides Universities a general understanding of the CSR activities of current and potential        licensees
•    Offers a tool both Licensees and Universities can utilize to engage in smarter and longer lasting sourcing decisions
•    Delivers a clear message from the University to the Licensee regarding CSR expectations
•    Showcases positive measures Licensees are undertaking in CSR
•    Tracks Licensee CSR improvement over time  (providing clear indication of efforts)



The cost for completing the survey is $475 USD and is to be paid by the Licensee Company completing the survey.  The Licensee may begin the survey process prior to sending payment, however no information will be reviewed or sent to a University until payment is received.

To learn about the different payment options, select the yellow ‘Payment Options’ tab




  1. The first step is to register for the Survey (create your Licensee profile).  Click the Survey Registration Button at the bottom of the page to do this.
  2. Once the registration is completed and submitted, an email will be sent to the email provided during the registration process.  This email will include the invoice to pay for the survey and the link to begin the survey.
  3. Send payment ($475 USD) to Sumerra.  Payment options include pay by wire, check or credit card.  Click the yellow ‘Payment Information’ tab for more details.
  4. At the same time payment is being processed, you may begin the survey.  Use the link that was sent to you via email (after the registration of profile) to begin survey.  Information you add into the survey will automatically save as it is entered.  You may leave the survey and come back to it at anytime by referencing the link provided to you via email.
  5. Once finished answering all the survey questions, hit ‘submit results’.  You will not be able to make adjustments to your survey answers after they are submitted so only hit submit once it is fully completed
  6. Sumerra will begin the review process of your survey once it and the payment are both received.  If we have any questions, someone on our staff will contact you.  Otherwise, you should receive an email within 2 weeks confirming the results and also letting you know that the results have been shared with the University.